Sunday, 23 December 2012

General Yahya Saleh calls for cleaning army and security from "extremists and terrorists

General Yahya Saleh calls for cleaning army and security from "extremists and terrorists" 

By Nasser Arrabyee,23/12/2012

The ex-commander of the central security general Yahya Saleh said that assassinations of security and military officers over the last two years were implemented by  extremists and terrorists inside the army and security agencies.

He called for bold steps to clean the army and security from these extremists and terrorists. 
"There should be bolder steps to clean the army and security and extremists and terrorist who were behind the assassinations of some officers including the massacre of Al Sabeen in which 85 soldiers and officers were killed from the central security," said Yahya Saleh in a press statement from Beirut where he is spending his vacation. 

He praised his successor general Ahmed Al Makdashi as one of the most  distinguished security commanders. 

Last week, the general Yahya Saleh was the first to welcome the decree of President Abdu Rabu  Mansour Hadi to  sack him as commander  of central security describing this and all other decrees as wise and brave for  restructuring and unifying the army and security. 

Minutes after President's Hadi decrees, Yahya Saleh put  in his face-book a well-designed post of congratulation and support for Hadi's steps
The post gained hundreds of likes, comments and shares in hours. 

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