Monday, 31 December 2012

Explosive belts or soil belts found in Sanaa street?

Explosive belts or soil belts found in Sanaa street?

By Nasser Arrabyee,31/12/2012

Four explosive belts were seen early morning by normal people in the street of Abu Dhabi, close to Ans market for Qat in the capital Sanaa, said eyewitnesses and security officials Monday. 

The security officials said first it was one explosive bet, then they sent correction   statement saying it was not  only one but four explosive belts.
They again said in a new statement the belts found in the street were unknown items.

The last statement published in the website of the ministry of defense said, the belts were only fake belts , they were filled with soil not explosives!

A tribal leader from Radaa, Al Baidha province survived an assassination attempt last night almost in the same place.  Last month security forces defused several explosive  bags in the same place and arrested three people from Al Baidha, where US drone hit many times. The last US drone attack was last Saturday when three Al Qaeda operatives were killed in Al Masaneh, the Al Qaeda strong hold in Radaa, of the south east province of Al Baidha.

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