Saturday, 22 December 2012

This is why I attacked the  electricity, says tribal leader

This is why I attacked the  electricity, says tribal leader

By Nasser Arrabyee,22/12/2012

A tribal leader and contractor from Mareb said Saturday that he damaged the electricity and vowing to do that again and again if his rights are ignored.

"It is me who fired and damaged electricity & I would do it again if my right is ignored,"  said the contractor Hassan Huwaeek from Mareb in a press interview published by Yemen today on Saturday. 

"I fired at the towers of electricity in our area in Damashkah, Abeidah, damaging the first damaging parts of the  station," He said referring to the last attacks last week. 

"I swear by Allah that what I have done has nothing to do with any politics, I want only the law to be applied to everyone," he said. 

Huwaeek  said that the  tribal leader of Hashid and famous businessman  Hamid Al Ahmar imposed the contractor Mesar Salalm Al Hashidi on a 40 million dollars electricity project  in Mareb without any tenders or  any respect for the laws.

"I am a well known contractor from Mareb, and I offered my bids like any contractor but someone else was chosen for the project, without any bids or any procedures," he said. 

"If it is allowed to  choose the contractors without tenders and without laws, then, we the local contractors from Mareb, should be chosen first'" he said. 

"I would fire again and damage the whole station completely, if the Indian company can not prove that Al Hashidi was legally chosen," he concluded. 

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