Saturday, 29 December 2012

Intelligence officer assassinated

Intelligence officer assassinated 

By Nasser Arrabyee,29/12/2012

The intelligence officer Mute'a Bakutayyan was killed by gunman riding a motor cycle in the city of Mukalla, the capital of the southern province of Hudrmout, said security and medical sources Saturday. 

This assassination came only one day after US drone killed two Al Qaeda suspects riding a motor cycle in Al Sheher area, about 70 km east of Mukalla.

Five more Al Qaeda suspects also were killed by US a drone attack in the same area earlier in the week.

Two military senior officials including one of the  commanders of Hudrmout military region were assassinated in different places  in the capital Sanaa last week by gunmen riding motor cycles.

Political assassinations among military and security officials increased over the last few months as Yemen tries to finish the transitional period that is supposed to end in February 2014.

About 70 intelligence senior officers, and 60 military senior military commanders were killed over the last two years. 

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