Tuesday, 29 September 2009

24 Al Houthi rebels arrested including most wanted one

By Nasser Arrabyee/30/09/2009

A total of 24 Al Houthi rebels were arrested including one of the most wanted list, said the Ministry of Defense Wednesday.

A group of 16 rebels were arrested in the old city of Sa'ada where hidden groups occasionally implement attacks on the security forces since the beginning of the war on August 10, said an official statement from the Ministry.

The security forces are now chasing three more rebels who escaped from the same group that was planning to implement terrorist acts, the statement said.

The 16 rebels were mentioned by names including Mohsen Saleh Al Hamzi, who is number 14 in the most wanted list of 55, which was announced by the government at the beginning of the confrontations.

The remaining 8 of them, who were also mentioned by names, were arrested in Alb area north east of the city of Sa'ada.

With these arrests, the number of those rebels who were arrested only in the old city of Sa'ada, has become 151. A group of 44 of whom were already referred to the prosecution for trials in charges of sabotage acts.

The military officials said a total of 4 vehicles laden with fuels were destroyed in Marran , west of Sa'ada city, in a development of a new tactic being adopted by the army to strike the supply and movement of the rebels.

Two cars laden with weapons were also destroyed in Al Okab area nearby Sa'ada city, the military officials said.

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