Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Al Houthi vows long war and new surprises

By Nasser Arrabyee/02/09/2009

The leader of the rebels Abdul Malik Al Houthi threatened to do "hard surprises" and depleting war after the Yemeni government rejected his call for cease-fire of the ongoing fighting in Sa'ada north of the country.

"The government missed a precious chance," said
Al Houthi in a statement sent to media on Wednesday.

"We have hard surprises and are ready for long and depleting war, longer and stronger than the government expects," said the statement.

Al Houthi said his call for the cease-fire was save blood and to prevent a humanitarian disaster in the war-affected areas.

He said the cease-fire call from one side was a point of strength not weakness, but the government rejection of that call was a point of weakness.

He said that his supporters were making progress against the army in all battles citing the video footages that show rebels seizing tanks and other heavy weapons.

Meanwhile, the military sources said the rebels' initiative for cease-fire was only a lie for misleading the media.

The rebels continued their attacks over the last few hours in many areas. They destroyed the houses of citizens in Al Asoob, and bombed police station in Bani Muath and turned some other houses into positions, military sources said.

The military officials say that the retaliatory attacks carried out by Al Houthi rebels indicate that they feel their end is imminent

The military sources said that painful strikes were implemented over the last few hours on the rebels in many areas in Sa'ada and in Al Malahaidh at the border of Saudi Arabia.

The sources added that dozens of rebels were killed and injured and others were arrested.

A number of rebels including their leader Abdul Azeez Kasem Al Katabri were killed while they were trying to attack the town of Katabir, the military sources said.

The troops and the citizens of the Katabir town foiled the attack, the sources added.

Local sources from Sa'ada said that the field leader Ghaleb Kaed and two of his companions were arrested in Al Abdi area south of the Sa'ada city while trying to deliver weapons to rebels.

A car belonging to the rebel field leader Abu Lukman was destroyed with the rebels on board in Al Safra area, the sources said.

The troops received instructions to behave kindly with any rebels who surrender themselves and also facilitate all means for surrender.

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