Monday, 28 September 2009

36 Al Houthi rebels killed

By Nasser Arrabyee/28/09/2009

At least 36 Al Houthi rebels were killed in fierce battles in the areas around the city of Sa'ada, military officials said Monday.

In an official statement disseminated by the Sate-run TV, the Ministry of Defense said 17 rebels were killed in Al Okab and Al Makash in repeated and suicide attacks implemented by the rebels on Al Sama'a Mountain which overlooks the city of Sa'ada.

A group of 13 rebels were killed in the area of Al Kharab where tribesmen and the army fought against the rebels. And six rebels were killed in Al Madwar and Al Kaham area.

Three rebels were arrested in the old town of Sa'ada after they clashed with the security men. One of them was called Tawfik Mohammed Taninah, security sources said. Some zones of the old city witnessed sporadic clashes with rebels who live there as original residents. About 100 rebels were arrested from the beginning of this war in the city of Sa'ada which is under the control of army and local authority.

Field military sources confirmed Monday that fierce battles are also going on the other two main frontlines of Harf Sufyan and Al Malahaid where the army is making slowly but surly progress because of the strong resistance of the rebels.

The sounds of the Mig-29 fighters could be heard almost all day and night of Sunday over the capital Sana'a from where they take off to strike the rebels in fighting areas.

On his part, the rebel leader Abdul Malik Al Houthi appealed to the international community to interfere for protecting the civilians in the volatile areas in Sa'ada.

In a short video statement aired by Al Jazeera Satellite, Al Houthi, who directly spoke for the first time since the beginning of this war in August11, said the displaced people did not receive any assistance or protection.

The government said he is only shedding the crocodile tears and he is a criminal introducing himself as a victim.

"The criminal Al Houthi should realize there is no way before him but to accept the five conditions of the government for stopping the war. And they will be brought to justice sooner or later and the fate of the criminal Abdul Malik Al Houthi will not be better than the fate his slain brother Hussein," said an official statement commenting on Al Houthi's video.

Military sources said Monday that 20 Al Houthi rebels including 7 Somalis, who were fighting with Al Houthi, were arrested in Al Majza'ah in the main frontline of Harf Sufyan. More than 50,000 Somalis immigrants flowed to Yemen from the beginning of this year, according to UNHCR estimations.

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