Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some 30 rebels killed in decisive battles

By Nasser Arrabyee/15/09/2009

A total of 30 Al Houthi rebels were killed and more than 20 were injured in heavy and seemly decisive battles around the Sa'ada city, military sources said Tuesday.

The sources said that 12 rebels were killed and 15 others were injured in Al Talah area, about 10 km North West of the Sa'ada city.

The rebel leaders, Mahdi Mohammed Amer Oraig and Ali Mahdi Mohammed Uraig were among the dead, the sources said.

More than 18 rebels were killed and many others injured when they tried to attack the Al Jabal Al Ahmar which overlooks the city of Sa'ada said the sources.

Further, the rebel leader Abdul Muhsen Tawos, known as Abu Adel was killed while moving in his pick up car in Al Mahather around the city of Sa'ada.

"The terrorist Ali Hussein Badr Al Deen Al Houthi, and another one called Abu Al Abas were injured in clashes with the troops in Marran area ," said the source referring to the son of Hussein Al Houthi the slain founder the rebellion movement.

The rebels took their injured from Al Khafji area to Bani Muath using four cars, the sources said.

A workshop for making mines and explosives were destroyed in Haidan west of city of Sa'ada , and ammunition store and two cars laden with weapons were destroyed in the areas around the same city, the sources said.

The army is still implementing combing operations until late Tuesday in Al Arkaba, Al Mudeer, Raik, Al Sarah, said the sources.

Further, more than five rebels were arrested in the battles of Al Malahaid front west of Sa'ada where the rebels tried to block the high way between Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

On their part, Al Houthi rebels implemented special operations against military and security leader over the last few days.

Two security men were injured Tuesday when the security director of the neighboring province of Al Jawf, Ali Zaid escaped an assassination attempt planned by Al Houthi supporters in this area.

"The security director survived from that attempt , but two of his bodyguards were injured," said Al Jawf governor, Hussein Hazeb.

The colonel Saleh Al Malwi and six of his soldiers were killed in an ambush made by Al Houthi rebels earlier this week in Harf Sufyan front.

The president Ali Abdullah Saleh attended Monday the funeral of Al Malwi who was buried in cemetery of martyrs in Sana'a.

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