Friday, 25 September 2009

Army creeping towards last strongholds of the rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee 26/09/2008

The Yemeni army is launching a wide ground attack on Al Houthi rebels in the main frontline of Harf Sufyan, about 40 km south of the city of Sa'ada, military sources said Saturday.

"Units from at least three brigades started very early morning today a wide attack on the rebels moving towards Sa'ada and Mafrak Barat," said the sources.

"At six am the troops started moving, with the artillery and tanks bombarding from here in Shakra and Wadi Shahwan," said the sources referring to the two important posts controlled by the army last week.

If the army defeated the rebels in Harf Sufyan, the strongholds in Dhahyan, Naqa'a and Mutra will be easy to be controlled, as almost all the strength of the rebels concentrate in this area, military experts say.

Meanwhile, military officials said they formed field committees to receive the rebels who will surrender themselves during the battles.

"Large numbers of the rebels started to surrender themselves after the painful blows they suffered over the last few days in the three main frontlines," The Defense Ministry said in an official statement.

"So, we formed field teams to receive those who surrender themselves for giving them safety and treat them kindly and humanely."

The Military officials also said they destroyed Friday hideouts and arsenal of the rebels in the areas around the city of Sa'ada like Ghbeer, Mahtha, Al Okab and Al Makash.

The rebels said, in statements sent through emails, they destroyed a tank they repelled two attacks one in Al Makash, west of Sa'ada city, and the other in Al Okab, south of the city. Dozens of soldiers were killed and injured in those confrontations, the statements said.

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