Tuesday, 1 September 2009

US supports Yemen against Al Houthi armed rebellion

By Nasser Arrabyee/01/09/2009

The United States said Yemen's government is responsible for defending its territories against Al Houthi armed rebellion, but civilian population should be protected.

"While the US recognizes the responsibility of the Government of Yemen to defend its national territory against armed rebellion, this responsibility must be exercised in a manner that minimizes risk to the non-combatant civilian population," said a statement re-issued by the Sana'a US embassy on Tuesday.

The US called on Yemeni government and Al Houthi rebels, to ensure the security of international relief workers in the region, and the safe passage of emergency relief supplies to camps housing internally displaced persons.

The US said it would give food assistance worth US$ 2.5 million for about 100,000 people of those affected by the war.

"In response to the urgent humanitarian needs of the civilian population in Sa'ada governorate as a result of the resumption of military conflict, the United States of America, through USAID and its food for peace program, is pleased to announce a contribution of over $2.5 million to the World Food Program," said the statement which was reissued Tuesday to correct translation error in Arabic. The Arabic statement, which was issued two days ago, did not mention the armed rebellion at all.

"This contribution includes 3,440 metric tons of wheat and 460 metric tons of beans enough to feed 100,000 people for two and one-half months. The first shipment of wheat is expected to arrive in near future."

The statement was originally issued on August 30th.

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