Friday, 25 September 2009

Saleh calls Al Houthi rebels to abide by conditions for ending war

Saleh calls Al Houthi rebels to abide by conditions for ending war
By Nasser Arrabyee 25/09/2009

The Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh repeatedly called the Al Houthi rebels to abide by the conditions set by the government for ending the war against them.

"We call the rebels and the terrorists to abide by the conditions of the government for saving the blood," said President Saleh Friday in an address delivered on the eve of 26 September, which marks the 47th anniversary of September revolution.

The government insists the war will never stop until the rebels commits to the five conditions: Full withdrawal from all the districts they occupy and eliminating all checkpoints from all roads. Coming down from mountains and ending cutting roads and sabotage acts, returning all military and public equipments they seized during battles with the troops, handing over all kidnapped people, stopping interference in the local government's responsibilities.

President Saleh said the rebels want to bring back the hands of the clock to the time of clerical Imamite period.

Al Houthi rebels are accused of seeking to restore the clerical rule of the Zaidi-Shitte Imams, which was overthrown on September 26, 1962 ending a period of about 1000 years of the clerical rule.

Saleh said that the rebels receive advices from inside and outside Yemen to continue their rebellion

"The rebels are astray and whoever gives them the advices and consultations from inside and outside for settleing accounts with the government, are mistaken," Saleh said.

He said the government is more capable than ever before to crush their rebellion.
He called all Yemenis to stand unified for overcoming the challenges facing his country.

In addition to the Al Houthi armed rebellion, Yemen is facing increasing secession sentiment in the south, growing activity of Al Qaeda, and the economic deterioration.

The developments in the ground, fierce battles continued Friday in the three main frontlines with the aircraft bombing the strongholds in Dhahyan, Mutrah, and Naqa'a.

Military sources said that 11 Al Houthi rebels were killed Friday while trying to attack the positions of the army in areas around Shakra and Wadi Shahwan in Harf Sufyan front. One soldier was injured in those attacks, the sources said.

The Mig-29 fighters bombed Thursday and Friday locations of the rebels leaders in bani Muath, where the house the leader Saleh Habra, was destroyed by the air strikes, local sources said.

The army denied Friday allegations by Al Houthi rebels that they arrested more than 50 soldiers from the republican guards units in Harf Sufyan.

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