Saturday, 19 June 2010

14 people at least killed in a terrorist attack in Yemen’s Aden

By Nasser Arrabyee/19/06/2010

14 people at least including 10 soldiers, 3 women and one children were killed in an attack on the Yemen’s intelligence headquarters office in the southern city of Aden by gunmen believed to be Al Qaeda militants, local and security sources said Saturday.
10 soldiers were killed and 9 others were injured in addition to three women and one child were killed in the attack, the sources said.
About five gunmen some in women’s clothes and some in military uniforms opened fire at the guards of the office of the Political Security in Al Tawahai area in Aden city early morning Saturday killing and injuring more than 10 people including women and children, the sources said.

No one from the attackers was harmed or arrested , but all they escaped before security enhancements surrounded the place, the sources added.
The attackers were trying to release prisoners but they failed.
Eyewitnesses said the attackers arrived at the gate of the office at 7am in two cars and that clashes between them and the guards continued about one hour. RPGs were heard in the clashes.
The security sources said that the attackers had the hallmarks of Al Qaeda.
Al Qaeda recently threatened in internet statements to retaliate for the attacks implemented by the government forces against them in various places in Yemen over the last few months.

Meanwhile, three children were injured one of them seriously, on Saturday when Al Qaeda in the eastern province of Mareb fired a missile on a military position in Mareb, where the government is implementing a military campaign against Al Qaeda. The local sources said the missile missed the military position and fell in a residential area injuring three children.

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