Saturday, 5 June 2010

More than 15 people killed in tribal clashes with Al Houthi rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee/05/06/2010

More than 15 people were killed and several others injured in clashes between Al Houthi rebels and tribesmen loyal to the government in the war-torn north of the country, sources from both sides said Saturday.

Today's clashes are considered as the bloodiest since the two conflicting sides declared a cease-fire last February.

At least 10 tribesmen loyal to the government including tribal leaders were killed Saturday in three different ambushes made by Al Houthi rebels in Kafalah and Mafrak Barat in Haraf Sufyan, Amran province, according to tribal sources in Amran.

Al Houthi rebels said in a statement sent through emails, that tribesmen loyal to the government were trying to impose a siege on them with the consent of the government.

The rebels said five of their supporters were killed and four others injured seriously early Saturday in two different ambushes one made by tribesmen cooperating with the government and the other made by soldiers in Al Amashyah and Bani Aweer in Harf Sufyan.

Al Houthi said that tribesmen led by the tribal sheikh Sagheer bin Azeez, local tribal leader, were trying to impose a siege on them for three consecutive days.

Last week, five tribesmen loyal to Al Houthi rebels were killed and four others injured by tribesmen loyal to the government.

Last February 12th, Al Houthi rebels accepted six conditions set by the government for ending the six –year old sporadic conflict. The conditions included the rebels going down from the mountains and handing over the heavy and medium-sized weapons.

The main demand of the rebels was releasing their detainees.

On May 22, the president Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered the release of all detainees of Al Houthi. The government said it released 200, but Al Houthi demands the release of about 1000.

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