Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Yemeni right group ask Australia to help Australian woman arrested in Yemen for terror charges

Source: HOOD, 01/06/2010

A Yemeni human rights group demanded Tuesday the Australian government to help an Australian woman who was arrested by the Yemeni intelligence for terror charges. The following is the letter to the Australian Foreign Minister:

For the Attention of : Australian Government - Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade
Dear the Hon Stephen Smith MP,
Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs

After Greetings…
Subject: House Arrest for Two Australian Kids in Yemen

The inhumane action of the Yemeni Political Security Office to detain two Australian kids: Omer,7, and Ameena,5.
Under house arrest, two kids are kept inside a small department surrounded by security officers denying them attending their final exams at their nursery school following the arrest of their mother on May15.
Mrs. Shyloh Jayne Giddins, was under house arrest with her children in Sana’a, the capital, since May 11, and then she was taken on May15 leaving the children alone up to this moment. Mrs. Shyloh’s detention violates the Yemeni Law. She was denied access to her lawyer and visitations as well.
Your Consular [the Australian Council resided in Saudi Arabia] who visited Yemen last week was also denied official visit to her and treated with a complete negligence and contempt by the prison administration and the Yemeni security authority. We, as a human rights organization, concerning with any human regardless of their religion or nationality or color, consider the act of the Political Security Office in Yemen a sham for us as Yemeni citizens.
We believe that people carrying your nationality, regardless of being Muslims or not, are entitled legal rights that are protected under your country either inside or outside Australia. So, why this case in particular receive such clear negligence and ignorance from your side. According to the Yemeni law, Mrs. Shyloh has the right to contact her lawyer and family members. The Yemeni Constitution prohibits her detention for more than 24 hours for questioning. She must be tried if she is found guilty. This is an obligation on Yemen pertinent to its constitution, laws and the international convention to which Yemen is a party. We, as a human rights organization, reiterate that whatever charges attributed to this Australian lady, she has the right of fair trial in Yemen and a legal protection from your country.
Therefore, we address you and urge for immediate interference of your country at high levels to reserve the rights of your citizens based on the Yemeni laws and the International law and conventions and the mutual respect among the world countries
Significantly, the Yemeni security authorities had detained many foreigners but in no time they received an instant interference from their home countries seeking their release and it was very honorable and effective. However, we wonder whether your country is of less humanity or power or influence than any other western country- we do not believe in this- to avoid harm happened to your nationals here in Yemen, or is it that because this woman is Muslim and got involved in the so-called “counter terrorism” surprise you and fail a great country like yours to react towards its citizens in equal.
Lawyer\ Mohammed Naji Allawo
HOOD Coordinator

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