Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Woman killed and 15 injured in hunt for Al Qaeda

By Nasser Arrabyee/09/06/2010

A woman was killed and 15 other people including 8 soldiers were injured when Yemeni security forces raided a house harbouring an Al Qaeda operative in Abaida area of the eastern province of Marib, tribal sources said Wednesday.

The security forces wanted to arrest Hassan Aredan Al Akaili, who is wanted as Al Qaeda operative.

Tribal sources said Al Akaili was not at the house, which was hit by artillery and tanks.

About 8 soldiers were injured in an ambush made by the tribesmen of Al Akaili, the sources said. The area is still blockaded by the security forces.

Last Saturday, the senior military official, Mohammed Saleh Al Shayef and two of his bodyguards were killed in Marib. Tribal sources said at the time that Al Akaili, 28, was the leader of the group who implemented the assassination.

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