Thursday, 10 June 2010

Terror suspect Australian woman deported from Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/06/2010

An Australian woman, detained in Yemen for terror charges, will be deported from Yemen to her home country on Friday, her lawyer said Thursday.

The lawyer, and human right activist, Abdul Rahman Barman, said Ms Shyloh Giddens, 30, would leave Yemen at 10 am Yemen time on Friday June 11th with the Emirates airline.

"She will go to Dubai and from there to Sydney," lawyer Barman said.

The Yemeni intelligence arrested Ms Giddens in Yemen on May 15, after the Australian authorities cancelled her passport last April.

The Australian intelligence said the woman was posing a threat to the security.

The lawyer Barman said that Ms Giddens would be released from the prison directly to the airport of Sana'a on Friday and that her two children Omar7, Aminh 5, would meet her at the airport.

"She was supposed to be released three days before the departure, but the security did not want this to happen so that she can not meet media," Mr. Barman told Yemen Observer.

The lawyer excluded that the woman, who converted to Islam and came to Yemen in 2006 to teach her children Islam and Arabic, had links with terrorist groups.

"If she had links with terror groups, they would not release her and if they had evidence they put her on trial in Yemen," Barman said.

He also said the Yemeni authorities would not detain her if her passport was not cancelled by the Australian authorities. "I think the Australian government was responsible for what happened to Ms Giddens," He said.

Ms Giddens is one of three women arrested in Yemen since last February for terror charges.

The Yemeni authorities arrested tens of foreigners with various nationalities over the last three months especially of those who came to Yemen to study Arabic language in suspicion of terror links.

The Nigerian Umar Farouk who failed to bomb a US –bound airliner last Christmas came to Yemen to study Arabic language, but he visited terrorists and trained on suicide bombings as he was shown on vedio clip by Al Qaeda later.

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