Wednesday, 23 June 2010

One German one Iraqi among four men to be tried for trying to kill British ambassador in Yemen

By :Nasser Arrabyee


Four men including German and Iraqi will be put on trial for being involved in the assassination attempt of the British ambassador in Sana’a last April, official sources said Wednesday.

The investigations with the four men have stared in the state security prosecution on Wednesday said the said the official quoting unnamed court sources .

One of the accused is the son of a German business man called Rami Hens and the other is Iraqi, the source said.
The British ambassador in Sana’a Tim Torlot survived an assassination attempt last April when a religiously extremist young man blew himself up in front of the convoy of the ambassador who on his way to the embassy.

The young man , who was later idenfitiedas Othamn Ali Al Selwi 22, killed only himself and lightly damaged one of the cars.

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