Friday, 13 November 2009

23 Al Houthi rebels killed

By Nasser Arrabyee

Some 23 Al Houthi rebels were killed in Harf Sufyan, said ministry of defense in a statement Friday.

The statement said terrorists Ahmed Hatem and Abdullah Mohammed Al-Radha’i were arrested while trying to search out some military sites in Al Manazela.

The troops are still tracing terrorist Yousif Al Madani who escaped to Al-Adi Area after they received attacks by the troops in Harf Sufyan.

During the last two days, the troops controlled Muthalath Barat and some roads leading to Barat and Al Jawf Province through which the rebels receive their supply materials.

The statatment added that the troops had destroyed about 10 hideouts in Al Malaheidh and Harf Sufyan.

Meanwhile, a total of 39 Somali refugees were arrested in Khob district in Al Jawf Province, said the Ministry of Interior in a statement Friday.

The investigations started to make sure if they were in their way to support the rebel or they were trying to infiltrate to Saudi Arabia, the statement said.

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