Tuesday, 10 November 2009

More then 14 Al Houthi rebels killed

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/11/2009

At least 14 Al Houthi rebels were killed and dozens of others injured in different places in Sa'ada, said the Ministry of Defense Wednesday.

Four rebels were killed around Sa'ada city and the other 10 were killed in Kataber in clashes with tribesmen loyal the government, the ministry said in statement.

The statement identified those killed around the city of Sa'ada as the terrorists Abdul Azeez Hajar, Mohammed Ali Mohya, Hussein Al Daye and AJmil Mohsen Al Tumani.

Of those were killed in Qataber, the statement identified three as the terrorists Abdul Rahman Al Hakem, Hussein Abdul Kareem and Ahmed Ismail Al Dhahyani.

More than 20 rebels were killed or injured including the terrorist Ahmed Saleh Dughsan in an attack implemented by the troops in Al Amar near Sa'ada city, the statement said. Three cars laden with weapons and supply materials were destroyed in Sabhala and Al Safra areas east of Sa'ada city.

Meanwhile, the ministry of interior said Wednesday that the Iranian suspected ship which was seized in Midi harbour on October 26th, was drawn to the harbour of Al Salif. The interior ministry also said that it deployed coast guards in the coasts of Midi and its surroundings to prevent any Al Houthi rebels from escaping to outside Yemen.

The rebel leader Abdul Malik Al Houthi, on his part, denied any coordination between his rebellious movement and Al Qaeda.

"It is not right that there is coordination between us and Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is a tool in the hand of the American intelligence and also in hand of the intelligence of some Arab regimes loyal America," said the rebel leader in a statement sent through emails.

Al Qaeda on its part, blasted Iran, and the Shiite all over the world particularly in Bahrain and Kuwait, and also Al Houthi rebels and Saudi Arabia regime, describing them all as enemies.

"Your first enemy is the Crusades from America and Nato alliance and the second enemy is Al Rafeda (Shiites) who are more dangerous to Islam than the Jews and Christians," said an internet statement attributed to Mohammed Abdul Rahman Al Rashid who is believed to be one of the leaders of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The spokesman of the Yemeni army Askar Zuael said ," We are not fighting against Al Houthis because they are Shiite, but are fighting them because they broke the constitution and law, so the issue is political not sectarian."

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  1. does yemen really hate jews soo badly? we were a part of its history for centuries..

    i am one quarter yemenite in heritage..