Sunday, 15 November 2009

Al Houthi attacks on Saudi territories continue

By Nasser Arrabyee/16/11/2009

Three Al Houthi rebels were arrested in Alab crossing far north of Sa'ada where they were trying to infiltrate to Saudi territories for fighting, said the ministry of defense Monday.

In an official statement, the ministry identified the three rebels as Faisal Yahay Ali Amran, Ibrahim Hassan Abdullah Al Najm and Mahmoud Mohammed Jalham. Investigations with them started immediately before referring them to the prosecution for trials, the statement said.

The military statement said that the troops destroyed the rebels' hideouts in the hills of Anan, Mahjar Ghazi, Hatman in Ghraz east of Sa'ada. These places were cleaned from rebels and mines were removed from the positions and the sub roads, the statement said.

Meanwhile, in the framework of tightening the blockade on the rebels, more than 20 pharmacies suspected of providing Al Houthi rebels with drugs and activators were closed down in the neighboring province of Al Jawf during this week.

Hasan Abu Hardra, director of health in Al Jawf, said Monday that they transfer all medicines from the capital Sana'a to Al Jawf according a new mechanism to prevent any medicines from reaching the rebels in Sa'ada.

From their side, the Al Houthi rebels said they are continuing artillery bombardments on the Saudi positions south of the Kingdom.

"With the help of Allah, we pounded the Saudi position of Aen AlHara and the fires could be seen inside the position. That was to defend the civilians who were targeted in Al Malahaid, Shada and Haidan," said the rebels in a statement sent through emails.

"The Saudi regime should reconsider the military operations being launched against the Yemeni people that refuse injustice and aggression," the statement said.

After Al Houthi bombardment on the Saudi positions, the Saudi air strikes and artillery bombardments intensified Sunday and continued Monday on the rebels' positions.

The Al Houthi spokesman, Mohammed Abul Salam and three of his assistants were killed in air strikes on the media centre in Al Kala'a in Razeh, according to the Saudi press reports of Sunday.

A total of 20 Al Houthi rebels were arrested and 11 others surrendered on Sunday while on their way walking to the Saudi territories, according to Saudi sources.

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