Sunday, 8 November 2009

Third Yemeni fighter jet drops in the war on Al Houthi rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee/08/11/2009

A Yemeni military fighter jet dropped over the area of fighting between Al Houthi rebels and the Yemeni government troops in Al Malahaid west of Sa'ada, eyewitnesses and officials said Sunday.

The military fighter was seen dropping over the area between Shada and Al Dhaher in the far north west of Yemen where Al Houthi rebels are facing air strikes and artillery bombardments from both forces of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the eyewitnesses said.

The pilot was seen jumping with his parachute over the area of Batha'a village in Razeh where landed unharmed.

Yemeni military officials confirmed the drop of the fighter because of a technical mistake. This fighter is the third to drop since the beginning of this war in August 10th . Two fighters dropped last October due to technical faults according to the military officials.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabia Sunday it regained the areas seized by Al Houthi rebels last week and that closed all possible entrances that may be used by the rebels to infiltrate into the territories of the Kingdom.

"Now the situation is calm and all the areas which were seized by the rebels were regained especially Al Dukhan Mountain," said Prince Khaled Bin Sultan advisor of the defense ministry.

He said three Saudi soldiers were killed, and 15 injured and five went missing in the 4-day battles, which drove back the Al Houthi rebels who attacked and occupied Saudi posts.
Saudi medical sources said at least 10 Saudi soldiers were killed and about 126 were injured in those battles.

The Saudi sources said they arrested more than 155 Al Houthiu rebels including 40 who were disguised in women's clothes.

Al Houthi rebels they arrested unspecified number of Saudi soldiers.

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