Friday, 6 November 2009

Saudi forces arrest more than 100 rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee/06/11/2009

More than 100 Al Houthi rebels were arrested by the Saudi forces in the Saudi Al Karan village in Jaizan area where the rebels implemented a new attack on the Saudis, Saudi sources said Friday.

The Saudi sources said that about 40 of the arrests were disguised in women's clothes.

The rebels from their side, said in a statement sent through emails, they arrested an unspecified number of Saudi soldiers with their weapons and vehicles. The rebels said the Saudi started a wide ground attack on them on Friday.

"The arrests came hours after the Saudi ground attack on the Yemeni territories," said Al Houthi rebels' statement.

Al Houthis said they are not in the Saudi territories but they are ready to fight back the Saudi forces.

Local sources from Al Malahaid said fierce battles continued Friday between Al Houthi rebels and Saudi forces. The Saudi air strikes and artillery bombardments continued Friday on the rebels' posts and hideouts in the areas near Jaizan.

The Saudi officials said Friday they would continue the war until they clean up their territories from the rebels and ensure the rebels would not attack the Saudi territories any more in future.

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