Sunday, 1 November 2009

Al Houthi rebels pound refugee camp in Sa'ada

By Nasser Arrabyee/02/11/2009

At least three displaced people were injured when Al Houthi rebels fired mortars on them inside the camp of Sam at the outskirt of Sa'ada city, said the deputy governor.

The deputy governor of Sa'ada, Mohammed Al Emad, said the more the army tightens the noose on the rebels the more they kill any civilian including those inside the camps.

The camp of Sam, which harbours about 500 displaced people, was repeatedly attacked by the rebels over the last weeks.

Meanwhile, 39 Al Houthi rebels were arrested in the old city of Sa'ada and the areas around it, said security sources Monday.

A group of them was arrested while distributing leaflets calling for fighting with the rebels in Neshur area east of Sa'ada, the sources said. Their car was captured with the leaflets and documents on board.

The rebels plundered the contents of the hospital of Razeh and contents of the communication office and took all these things to Mutrah, the stronghold their leadership, the sources said.

The rebels exploded two houses in the village of Habajerah in Al Malahaid after the owners refused to fight with them against the troops, said eyewitnesses from the same area.

On his part, the tribal sheikh Dughsan ahmed Dughsan member of the failed mediation committee between the rebels and the government, said Monday that Al Houthi is drawing Yemen into holocaust.

Dughsan, who is from Sa'ada, said in a press interview published Monday, the committee failed in finding a solution because Al Houthi wanted only to achieve his goals which are to rule by force.

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