Saturday, 31 October 2009

OIC supports Yemen against Al Houthi rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee/01/11/2009

The secretary general of the Organization of Islamic Conference, Akmal Eddine Ihsan Oglo said his organization is supporting the unity, security and stability of Yemen.

Oglo, who is currently in a visit to Yemen, refused any external interference in the ongoing war between Al Houthi rebels and the government troops.

The international official expressed his support for the five conditions set by the Yemeni government for stopping the war. "The five conditions are very good basis for peace," he said.

The five conditions include the rebels going down from the mountains and handing over the weapons.

Oglo said that sectarian conflict should not justify the violence, killing people and disobedience of the State.

He said the OIC would support the refugees with 3 US million dollars. He also that a convoy of eleven Lorries laden with relief materials will come very soon from the Saudi coastal city of Jeddah to help the refugees.

For military developments, the army says it is making progress in the three main frontlines of Al Malahaid, Harf Sufyan, and areas around the city of Sa'ada.

The spokesman of the army, Askar Zuael, denied Sunday the death of the second man in Al Houthi armed rebellion, Abdullah Al Ruzami. Reports said Saturday that Al Ruzami was killed in an air strike.

The military official Zuael said that Al Ruzami is participating in the current war because he disagrees with the top leader of the rebels Abdul Malik Al Houthi.
No denial or confirmation from Al Houthi side regarding the death of Al Ruzami.

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