Saturday, 10 October 2009

13 Al Houthi rebels arrested

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/10/2009

A total of 13 Al Houthi rebels were arrested in different places over the last two days, security officials said Saturday.

In an official statement, the names of the 13 rebels were published and described as dangerous terrorists and saboteurs.

They were rrested in Harf Sufyan, the main frontline in the south of Sa'ada province, with weapons, ammunitions, hostile leaflets, in their possession, the statement said.

On Saturday, the army completely closed the ins and outs of the district of Razeh, which is close to the main frontline of Al Malahaid west of Sa'ada, local sources said.

The step was to tighten the noose on the rebels, the sources said. On Friday, the tribal chiefs of Razeh, still quiet, said in a statement they would not allow any confrontations in their area, which suffered a lot during the previous rounds of the war.

Four people, including a woman and child, were killed when a mine planted by the rebels exploded Saturday in Al Safra area, southeast of Sa'ada, local sources said.

On their side, the rebels' leader, Abdul Malik Al Houthi agreed Saturday on a plan drafted recently by the opposition parties for national dialogue.

He said he is ready to stand with "the noble forces to rescue the country from corruption and injustice of the current government"

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