Friday, 9 October 2009

More 100 rebeles killed 280 injured

By Nasser Arrabyee/10/10/1009

More than 100 Al Houthi rebels were killed and 280 injured over the last 24 hours in continuation of bloody battles around the city of Sa'ada, north of the country, said the Defense Ministry Saturday.

"The terrorists and saboteurs of Al Houthi infiltrated between the military camps and check points and the armed forces and repelled them and directed painful blows killing more than 100 and injuring 280 and the others escaped," Defense Ministry statement said.

"There is no way for the rebels and terrorists to surrender and put down their weapons to be brought to justice."

Eyewitnesses from Al Makash around Sa'ada city where such bloody battles happened Thursday Friday, and still going on Saturday, said the rebels attack individually and in groups almost every three or four hours in a suicidal way.

Independent sources said more than 10 soldiers were killed and dozens injured in those battles.

The military officials describe such attacks as crazy and desperate and say the rebels do this because they feel their end is very close.

For their side, the rebels down played the progress made by the military saying it is only propaganda.

In a statement sent by the rebels to media through emails, they said the controlled 70 posts and destroyed about 136 armored vehicles and tanks only in the main the frontline of Harf Sufyan.

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