Sunday, 4 October 2009

5 rebels killed 16 arrested

By Nasser Arrabyee 04/10/2009

A total of 5 Al Houthi rebels were killed and 16 others were arrested in different places in Saada, north of the country, the Defense Ministry said Sunday.

In an official statement, the Ministry said 3 rebels were killed in the mountain of Kais and two others in Bait AlHakem area.

Three cars laden with weapons and fighters were destroyed and burnt in these areas, the statement said.

For the 16 who were arrested, the statement said that 6 of them were arrest in Zeelali checkpoint, and the remaining 10 were arrested in the old city of Saada, where hidden rebels from the local residents try from time to time to attack the security forces in the city which is under the control of the local authority and the army.

With these arrest, the number of the rebels arrested in the city of Saada has become 177 from the beginning of the war in August 10.

44 of them were already referred to prosecution for trials in charges of carrying out sabotage acts.

Meanwhile, a nation-wide campaign for collecting blood donations for the favour of the armed forces decided Sunday to extend its works until next Tuesday.

The national campaign, which received blood donors from all over the country, started its works last Tuesday to enhance the state’s efforts for ending the armed rebellion.

On their side, the rebels killed 4 people in an attack on the charitable association of AlSunbula in Attalh area, north west of Saada city, local sources said.

The rebels accused the people in charge of the association of cooperation with the troops, the sources said.

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