Monday, 19 October 2009

Yemen denies Saudi bombardment on rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee/20/10/2009

The Yemen Defense Ministry denied Tuesday allegations by Al Houthi rebels that Saudi Arabia artillery pounded a border area under their control.

"Such allegations indicate only that the rebels feel that their defeat is very close and they want to justify it by speaking about Saudi interference," said the Ministry in a statement.

Al Houthi rebels said Monday that Saudi Arabia artillery pounded the market of Al Husama where many people were shopping, far west of Sa'ada province.

At least two Saudi border guards were injured in clashes with Al Houthi rebels in Al Husama area after such accusations, press reports said.

The western frontline of Al Malahaid is witnessing nowadays the fiercest battles between the government troops and the rebels who launch suicide attacks on the densely populated district of Razeh.

Most of the tribesmen of Razeh, mountainous area overlooking the rebels' main positions, are cooperating with the government troops in blockading the rebels.

At least 14 rebels were killed, and 12 others were arrested on Monday when they tried to control places in Jabal Haram and Wadi Maeen in Razeh, local sources said. The sources also said that three soldiers were killed in the clashes.

The army was calling the rebels with loudspeakers to surrender and save their blood, the sources said.

The soldiers were asking the rebels through loudspeakers to come to bury tens of dead bodies of their fighters and surrender themselves, the sources from Razeh said.

Meanwhile, 4 tribesmen calling for support for Al Houthi rebels were killed in Barat, Al Jawaf province, east of Sa'ada, in clashes with other tribesmen loyal to the government, according to local tribal sources.
One tribesman loyal to the government was killed in those clashes.

The clashes happened when tribesmen from Jiham asked the other tribesmen from Al Hamaid, to stop supporting Al Houthi rebels or get out from the area.

"No one here in Al Jawf supports Al Houthi rebels in terms of faith, but some support the armed rebellion because of the problems between the tribesmen themselves on one hand, and because of the problems between them and the government due to lack of development in their area, on the other," said Yahya Al Kuh, member of the local council of Al Jawf.

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