Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More than 52 rebels and 6 soldiers killed

By Nasser Arrabyee/21/10/2009

A total of 52 Al Houthi rebels and 6 soldiers were killed and 9 others were arrested over the last 24 hours in the three main frontlines of the fighting in Sa'ada north of the country, military and local independent sources said Wednesday.

The Ministry of Defense said in a statement that groups of 22 rebels were killed in an attack launched by the troops on the Al Ghalah area in Haidan valley.

"7 rebels were arrested with two cars laden with weapons and ammunitions including two gun machines B10, 12.7 and RPGs," the Ministry statement said.

A group of rebels were killed and two others arrested nearby Jabal Al Ghail, and three cars laden with weapons including mortars, and two gun machines B10, and 12.7, the statement said.

7 rebels were killed inside a hideout in Jabal Al Merkham, and 6 others were killed in Al Makash area, the statement added.

Local and independent sources in Razeh that a group of 12 rebels and 6 soldiers were killed in Al Jaraha area in the densely populated area of Razeh where the rebels try now to open a new frontline, although majority of the people here refuse any fighting in their area.
The sources made it clear that the 6 soldiers were killed in a mistake air strike, which caused the withdrawal of the troops from that post leaving it for the rebels.

The sources also said that the rebels killed two citizens in this area of Razeh for refusing to let the rebels use their houses as barricades.

Tribal sources in Harf Sufyan said that 6 field leaders of the rebels along with a number of the rebels surrendered them selves to the tribal sheikh Hussein Al Ahmar who leads a popular army in the area against the armed rebellion.

On his part, the spokesman of Al Houthi, Mohammed Abdul Salm, played down the achievements of the troops saying his fighters are making progress in all frontlines.

He said the rebels cleaned Harf Sufyan from the troops and the whole area of Al Makash, west of Sa'ada city, is under their full control. The troops say large parts of Al Makash and Hary Sufyan are under their control and that they are advancing day by day.

Abdul Salm refused to deny or to confirm a rumor that the top leader Abdul Malik Al Houthi was injured and arrested in an airstrike in Kutaf east of Sa'ada earlier this week.

"It's prohibited to speak about this matter," he said.

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