Thursday, 15 October 2009

Three Lebanese fighting with Al Houthi killed in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/15/10/2009

Three Lebanese experts of explosives working for Al Houthi rebels were killed after air strikes on the frontline of Al Al Malahaid, west of Sa'ada, military sources said Thursday.

"The bodies of the three Lebanese experts were found in Uraig area after troops took control over a series of mountains in which Al Houthi terrorists were positioning," said the military sources.

The sources also said that the army launched Thursday a wide attack on the rebels' positions killing more than 45 rebels and taking control over important posts in western frontline of Al Malahaid where the rebels tried to block the high way between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The air fighters also implemented painful strikes on two areas nearby Al Qala'a in Razeh where Al Houthi rebels tried over the last two days to open new frontline despite strong refusals of any confrontations by local resident of this area.

The rebels try to push the densely populated Razeh into fighting with them against the troops. The majority of Razeh is either neutral or against the armed rebellion.
Five people were killed including three women today Thursday in Razeh where rebels clashed with tribesmen who refused to fight with them, local sources said.

And in Sa'ada city where troops tighten the noose on sleep cells, seven rebels were arrested Thursday, and five others were arrested in Alab in the far north of the Sa'ada, according to the deputy minister of interior Mohammed Al Kawasi who has been supervising the special security operations in the city from the beginning of the war.

From their side, the rebels killed two citizens and injured four others when they pounded with artillery on residential areas in the city of Saada, local sources from the city said Thursday.

The rebels said they destroyed two stores of weapons in Jabal Al Aswad in Harf Sufyan.

"In special operation we destroyed the southern and western arsenals of Jabal Al Aswad with artillery," said a statement sent through email by the rebels.

"The people of Houth and Sufyan were able to see huge fire and clouds of smoke in the sky after our bombardments on the stores," the statement added.

Local sources said that the rebels fired at a relief convoy in Harf Sufyan where two people accompanying the convoy were injured.

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