Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Final verdict on 12 Al Houthi supporters, and seven Al Qaeda affiliates put on trial

By Nasser Arrabyee/14/10/2009

A total of seven AlQaeda suspects will be put on trial next Saturday on charges of planning to carry out terrorist acts against government and western targets in Yemen, said court sources Wednesday.

The prosecution accused the seven men of forming an armed gang during the period from January to April 2009. They were targeting tourists, western interests and governmental interests, the sources said.

One of them threw a hand grenade injuring some security men when they were arrested last April with explosives and various weapons in their possessions.

The seven young people were identified as Hussein Nasser Ali Al Marwalah, Mohammed Kasem Ali Al Ghawli, Hani Mohammed Al Alimi, Yousef Mohammed Hassan Al Hajaji, Abdullah Ahmed Al Matarti, Ameen Abdullah Al Najar, and Mutab Saleh Abdul Azeez Al Qadhi.

On the same day, the same court, the State Security Court, will issue a final verdict against 12 Al Houthi supporters who were put on trial earlier this year.

The 12 defendants are among a bigger group of about 150 of Al Houthi supporters who are being tried for forming an armed gang for fighting against the State in Bani Hushiash at the northern outskirt of the capital Sana'a in the middle of 2008.

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