Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Four rebels killed, 20 arrested

By Nasser Arrabyee/29/10/2009

Four Al Houthi rebels were killed, three others injured, and 20 were arrested in the old city of Sa'ada, said a security official Thursday.

The deputy minister of interior, Mohammed Al Kawsi, identified the three of those killed as Saddam Thyan, Anwar Mubarak, and Walid Mubarak.

Al Kawsi, who has been supervising the special security operations inside the old city since the beginning of this war in August 10th, said also that the rebel field leader Murad Hussein Da'ah, was among those who were arrested.

Local sources in the city, said that the arrests were because of the strong blockade on the rebels who are minority in the city.

The rebels from their side killed Khairan Muktab for suspicion that he is cooperating the troops.

The army said in a statement issued Thursday that it controlled all posts of the rebels in the road of Al Buqa'a-Kutaf, east of Sa'ada.

The army said in the statement that the tribesmen of Waelah played a key role in dismissing the rebels from more than 6 posts in Kutaf areas.

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