Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Parliament obligates government to end Al Houthi rebellion

By Nasser Arrabyee 7/10/2009

The Yemeni Parliament called for ending Al Houthi armed rebellion and protecting the citizens, and their public and private properties without any delay.

In a session held Wednesday for discussing the security situation in the country, the Parliament said the government and armed forces must take their constitutional responsibility for protecting citizens and their properties by quickly ending the armed rebellion in Sa'ada.

In presence of the deputy prime minister for security and defense affairs, Rashad Al Alimi, the Parliament also ordered the government to take its responsibility for helping displaced people and protecting them.

In the Wednesday session chaired by the speaker Yahya Al Raee, the Parliament obligated the government to coordinate with local and international NGOs to deliver assistance to more than 60,000 people who fled their homes since the beginning of the war on August 10.

The Parliament also obligated the government to ban importing any weapons except for the armed forces.

Deputy Prime Minister Rashad Al Alimi, who represented the government before the Parliament blamed the Al Houthi rebels for the war. He said the rebels kidnapped 111 citizens, killed 92, and injured 224 from July 17th, 2008, when President Saleh announced a halt for the sporadic war which started in June 2004, until august this year. Al Alimi said the rebels deported 45 citizens from their houses and bombed 21 government facilities during the same period.

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