Friday, 16 October 2009

Egypt helps Yemen's displaced people

By Nasser Arrabyee/16/10/2009

Two Egyptian airplanes laden with various relief materials on board for helping the displaced people by Yemen ongoing war landed in the airport of Sana'a late Friday.

Earlier in the day, the official news agency said that Egyptian President Mohammed Husseni Mubarak had instructed his government to send urgent relief assistance to help the Yemeni displaced.

The UN says it need about 24 million dollars to help about 150,000 people who fled their homes as a result of the war which first broke out between Al Houthi rebels and the government troops in 2004.

More than 60,000 of them displaced after the last round of this war that started last August 10th. About 10 million US dollars were pledged so far by donors notably US, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.

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