Monday, 12 October 2009

59 rebels killed,31 arrested

By Nasser Arrabyee 12/10/2009

A total of 59 Al Houthi rebels were killed and 31 others detained over the last 24 hours in the ongoing battles between them and the government troops in various areas in Sa’ada and Harf Sufyan, military and security officials said Monday.

A group of 37 rebels were killed in the battles around the city of Sa’ada after a wide ground attack early Sunday on Al Makash area west the city.

22 others more were killed in attacks in Al Sama Mountain and Harf Sufyan area.

“The terrorist leader Sadeq Ali Jushaish and 11 other terrorists were killed when they attempted to attack Al Sama’a mountain,” said a statement Monday by the Ministry of Defense.
10 more rebels were killed when their car was destroyed by artillery bombardment in Harf Sufyan.

A group 15 rebels were arrested in the city of Sa’ada, 2 more in Alab area, far north of the city, and one was arrested in the mountain of Al Sama, which overlooks the city, said the Deputy Minister of Interior Mohammed Abdullah Al Kawsi on Monday.

A total of 13 rebels were arrested in the neighboring province of Amran, the Ministry of Defense said in its statement.

On their side, Al Houthi rebels said they opened a new frontline from northeast of Sa’ada city to block a supply road and blockade and fight the troops in the city.

They said they did the step after the troops cut their supply roads from Barat road, south of the city, and from other areas.

“We opened the new front line of Al Buqa’a- Kutaf- Sa’ada, to cut the supply of the army in Sa’ada, the government is trying to prevent any food supply from entering to our areas,” said the rebels in a statement sent through emails.

A total of 7 teachers were kidnapped by the rebels in Sakain, on Monday according to a government statement.

The statement which published the names of the seven teachers, said the teachers were taken from their schools to unknown place.

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