Saturday, 14 November 2009

Rebels' workshop for making mines raided

By Nasser Arrabyee/15/11/2009

The army raided a workshop used by Al Houthi rebels for manufacturing mines and explosives in Harf Sufyan south of Sa'ada, the defense ministry said Sunday.

The ministry said in a statement all roads to and from the neighboring Al Jawf province were blocked by the army to prevent any supply to Al Houthi rebels in the remaining strongholds in Sa'ada.

The army continues tightening the noose on the rebels by imposing a blockade on them from all directions and focusing air strikes and artillery bombardments on their hideouts and movements of supply.

The Saudi naval forces impose blockade on the rebels along the coast Midi harbour on the red sea, from the western direction, to prevent any possible supply.

A car laden with weapons and ammunitions and some rebels was destroyed in a sub-road in the mountainous area of Harf Sufyan where the army makes progress, said the statement.

Meanwhile, an official source from Sa'ada said that the authorities there warned the citizens from forged currency in US dollars and Saudi used by Al Houthi rebels in Sa'da.

The source said that the forged money is used by people loyal to Al Houthi for buying ammunition and weapons and some supply materials.

For their part, Al Houthi rebels said in a statement that Saudi air strikes and artillery bombardments continued on their positions on Al Malahaid, Shada and Al Husama.

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