Monday, 30 November 2009

Yemen army, rebels in heavy clashes in Sa'ada city

By Ashwaq Arrabyee

Fierce battles have been taken place between the Yemeni troops and Al Houthi rebel at the outskirt of Saada City for the fourth day, security sources said Monday.

The sources said hundreds of Houthis have attacked Saada city from three directions in an attempt to take control over the republican Palace known as Al Camp and the central security forces headquarter.

The military camps are surrounding Sa'ada city from all directions since the beginning of this war last August, and it continues tightening the noose on the rebels by imposing a blockade on the remaining strongholds in the old Sa'ada city. Al Houthi rebels have been trying many times to break the blockade and control the city.

The sources said Al Houthi rebels are continuing artillery bombardments on the republican palace and the central security forces headquarter.

On the other side, Saudi forces rebelled an attack by Al-Houthis on Al Dood and AlRomaih mountains in an attempt by the rebels to re-control two mountains, Saudi sources said Sunday.

"The armed forces completely control al-Dood mountain, one of the most strategic regions," deputy defence minister Prince Khaled bin Sultan was quoted as saying as he inspected troops just within Saudi territory.

He also said Saudi forces had "cleaned up every inch of Saudi territory," adding that "any person who infiltrates or sniping will end up either surrendering or dead".

The Saudis launched their air strikes and artillery bombardments on Al Houthi rebels in Al Malaheidh, far west of Sa'ada, Jabal Al Dukahn in Jaizan area south of the Kingdom.

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