Sunday, 29 November 2009

Houthi attempts to control Saada city thwarted

By Ashwaq Arrabyee,

The Yemeni troops rebelled an attack by AlHouthi on the outskirt of Saada city in an attempt to control the republican Palace in the city, Ministry of defense said Saturday.

The sources said the troops thwarted attempts by Al Houthi rebels to control Saada city during Days of Eid AlAdha, Islamic Eid holidays, and the fighting was still taking place in the most important stronghold of the rebels in Saada province.

Despite the fact that Sa'ada city is surrounded by military camps from all directions since the beginning of this war last August, Al Houthi rebels have been trying many times to attack and control the city

Meanwhile, the security forces arrested on Friday a person hiding a hand grenade and gun in his handbag in Sana'a Airport, ministry of interior said Saturday.

The media center in the ministry of interior said the person called A.A. AlSailami admitted that he was planning to hijack a Yemeni plan direct to Cairo to achieve personal demands.

The security forces accused him of having ties with Al Houthi rebels.

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