Friday, 18 December 2009

12 Al Qaeda men confirmed dead including five foreigners

By Nasser Arrabyee/19/12/2009

A total of 12 Al Qaeda men were confirmed as dead after analysis of the dead bodies of at least 40 who were killed a security operation against a training camp in Al Majalah, Abyan, south of Yemen, said a security official said Saturday.

The Mohammed Saleh Al Kazimi, Mukbel Abdullah Awadh Shiekh, Ahmed Abdullah Awadh, Methak Al Jalad, Abdullah Awadh Shiekh were confirmed dead in Al Majalah area, the unnamed official said in statement published the State-run media.

Two Saudi nationals, Ibrahim Al Najdi, Mohammed Rajeh Al Tharan were among a group who were buried in Sairah Cemetery, Mudiah district, Abyan, the official said.

Five more foreigners, with unknown identities, were buried in Zarah Cemetery in Lawdar district, Abyan, the official added.

The official also said that targeted training camp was established under protection from Tarek Al Fadhli, Abdul Munem Al Fathani, and Mohammed Saleh Al Kazimi.

The official also identified five men of those who were injured in the same operation as Abdullah Salem Ali, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Kaed, Haidarh Salem Alia Fatah Al Amri, and Mohammed Ali Salem, the official they were all Al Qaeda operatives and they are now having treatment under the supervision of the security authorities.

The official said that three security soldiers and two normal citizens were injured when a group of Al Qaeda elements, led by Ali Alawi Yahmur, attacked a security vehicle after the Thursday's strike nearby Mudiah.

For Arhab and Sana'a operations, the official said that the number of Al Qaeda operatives who were arrested after the Thursday's operation raised to 29 men including the 13 who were arrested inside the city of Sana'a on the same day.

Operation in Arhab was against a group of AlQaeda elements including 8 suicide bombers, led by Aref Mujali and Hezam Mujali, and they were about to implement operations with car bombs and explosive belts, the official said.

However, Abdul Elah Haidar Shaya , an expert in terrorism affair, downplayed the two operations of Al Majala and Arhab saying it will only increase the new recruitment of Al Qaeda.

"For Arhab, it was only clashes between the tribesmen and security forces, no Al Qaeda men were there," Shaya , who is originally from Arhab, told Gulf News.

When asked why the tribesmen clashed with the security men, he said the tribesmen get angry when any one attacks them whatever the reason was and whoever the attacker was.

"For Al Majalah, it was against civilians, which means Al Qaeda will gain from that strike by recruiting a lot of angry people," he said.

When asked, were the Al Qaeda members living in the Al Majalah with their families, he said,"The only Al Qaeda man was Mohammed Saleh Al Kazimi, who was killed with his whole family."

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