Monday, 14 December 2009

Al Houthi accuses America of striking his fighters, one day after accusing Saudi Arabia

By Nasser Arrabyee/ 14/12/2009
Al Houthi rebels said that American warplanes were striking them in different areas of Sa'ada from evening Sunday until dawn Monday.

This accusation came only one day after the rebels accused the Saudi warplanes bombing them in Razeh killing and inuring more than 170 of them. The Yemeni army said the warplanes were Yemenis.

"The American warplanes carried out more than 28 air raids on Razeh, Shada, Dhyah, and Ghamer, from evening Sunday until dawn today Monday, with very advanced warplanes, and huge bombs, and they (Americans) were following the moving cars with satellites," said a statement sent by Al Houthi rebels through emails Monday.

The Al Houthi statement came while the Yemeni army is tightening the noose on the rebels in the three main frontlines with Yemeni warplanes flying over the capital Sana'a around the clock in their way back and to the remaining strongholds of the rebels.

Al Houthi also said in their statement that, " More than 375 missiles were fired from the Saudi territories to Al Malahaid, Al Mamdood mountain, Al Dukhan mountain , Al Rumaih mountain, and bombardment continued until dawn Monday."

Meanwhile, the Yemeni ministry of interior said in a statement Monday that the security forces arrested the Yemeni Ghalib Ali Mohammed Al Fakeh in the Yemeni -Saudi Al Towal outpost with 100,000 Saudi Riyals in his possession. Al Fakeh was smuggling the money to the rebels.

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