Saturday, 19 December 2009

25 Al Houthi rebels killed

By Nasser Arrabyee/20/12/2009

More than 25 Al Houthi rebels were killed and about 10 supply cars were destroyed in special operations implemented by the Yemeni army against hideouts of the rebels in different places in Sa'ada during the last 24 hours, military and independent sources said Sunday.

The top leader of the rebels Abdul Malik Al Houthi escaped to unknown place after the warplanes targeted his hideouts in Dhahyan and Mutrah, thr sources said.

Yosuf Al Madani, brother in law of Abdul Malik, is the leader now in Dhahyan and Mutrah, according to the military sources.

The fighter jets targeted the rebels' leadership centres in the two main strongholds of Dhahyan and Mutrah almost during all Saturday and Friday inflicting heavy damages in casualties and equipment on the rebels.

The leader of rebels im Maran Hassan Hamoud Ghuthayah, was killed with a number of his aides in a special operation against his hideout in Maran, the military sources said.

Two more hideouts in Bani Muath under the leadership of Mohammed Ali Ghail and AhmedAli Ghail were also destroyed by air raids, the military sources said.

On their part, Al Houthi rebels said that Saudi warplanes implemented 41 raids on them at the Yemeni Saudi border areas like Razeh, Al Malahaid, Shada and Maran on Saturday. They also said more than 1011 Saudi missiles were fired against them on the same day.

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