Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ethiopians and Somalis outflow into Yemen continues

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/12/2009

A total of 182 illegal Ethiopian immigrants including 23 women were arrested in the three Yemeni provinces of Mareb, Abyan and Taiz, said the Ministry of Interior Friday.

A group of 83 Ethiopian men, aged 25-40, were arrested in Mareb and handed over to the immigration office in Sana'a for deporting procedures, the ministry said in a statement.

Another of group 66 Ethiopians including 8 women were arrested in Ahwar coast in Abyan province, and 33 including 15 women in Dhubab coast in Taiz province.

During last November, a total of 2690 Somali immigrants including 720 women, and 49 children arrived to Yemeni coasts in about 52 smuggling boats. A group of 100 of them drowned in the sea and 20 died of hunger, said statement of the ministry.

The security authorities expected about 14,000 more Somalis to arrive in the Yemeni coasts during December.

The security authorities also said they are investigating with 28 smugglers who were arrested in Dhubab and Hodeidah coast last week.

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