Wednesday, 30 December 2009

An Al Qaeda man injured and arrested, three escaped after clashes with security

By Nasser Arrabyee/30/12/2009

Al Qaeda operative was injured and arrested and at least three of his comrades escaped after clashes with security forces in Hodeida province west of Yemen,
Local and security sources said Wednesday.

The injured man was taken by soldiers to a hospital for treatment and other security forces followed at least three Al Qaeda operatives who eascped from the village of Dair Al Ajabiri, about 30 km north of Hodeida city after they clashed with the security, the local sources said.

The clashes happened at 10 am today Wednesday, when the security forces raided the house of Nasser Ahmed Zuraiban Al Ahdal, where the group was hiding.

Al Ahdal, the owner of the house, who escaped also, was known in his village as a former Al Qaeda member after being released from the intelligence prison on condition that he would renounce any armed activity.

He used to go to security authorities for signing every month to prove his obedience and compliance with the instructions.

However, the security officials the Al Qaeda man was arrested in the same village without any clashes.

The raid happened at 6 am today Wednesday in the village of Dair Al Jabiri and because it was very accurate the man was arrested without any clashes, an unidentified security official was quoted by the State-run media.

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