Thursday, 17 December 2009

34 Al Qaeda elements killed inclduding leader, 17 arrested

By Nasser Arrabyee/17/12/2009

A group of 34 Al Qaeda elements were killed and 17 others were arrested in three big hunt down operations implemented by the Yemeni security forces in three different places in the country, said an official statement on Thursday.

The operations took place in Abyan, south of the country, Sana'a city, and Arhab at northern outskirt of Sana'a, the capital.

The statement said that Al Qaeda elements had plans to strike schools and other Yemeni and Western interests.

The group in Arhab was made of 8 suicide bombers, provided with explosive belts, the statement said.

The operation started at 5 am Thursday morning by launching an attack on the group killing 4 of them and arresting 4.

For Abyan, the attack was supported by warplanes, which targeted a training camp in the mountain of Al Mahfad, Majalah area.

The operation took place while the terrorists were training, and about 30 of them were killed including the leader Mohammed Saleh Al Kazmi, according to the statement and local sources.
The terrorists who were receiving training in Al Mahfad camp included foreigners.

For the operation inside the capital Sana'a, the security forces raided some monitored houses arresting 13 Al Qaeda elements but no clashes took place.

Local sources said the people in Abyan were expecting such an operation because they noticed the camp was under surveillance for months.

The Yemeni government said the hunt down against the terrorists would continue until they are permanently eradicated.

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