Sunday, 27 December 2009

Top leader of rebels died and buried

By Nasser Arrabyee/27/12/2009

The top leader of rebels in Sa'ada north of Yemen, Abdul Malik Al Houthi has died after he was seriously injured in an air strike two weeks ago, military and independent sources said Sunday.

Various and concurrent sources from Sa'ada said Sunday that Abdul Malik Al Houthi was buried on Saturday in Al Malahaid area, west of Sa'ada.

He was buried next to the house of Ahmed Al Hadawi, who is very close to Al Houthi family, military and the concurrent independent sources said.

Despite the fact that the burial took place secretly to avoid any effect on the morale of the rebels still fighting the Yemeni army, the news of his death is spreading quickly everywhere in Sa'ada, the sources said.

No denial or confirmation from Al Houthi side about the death and burial of Abdul Malik.

However, Yousif Al Madani, who is acting as the top leader instead of Abdul Malik, distributed leaflets signed by Abdul Malik to his field leaders saying, "Do not believe any propaganda about the death of our leader Abdul Malik,", according to concurrent sources from Sa'ada.

The Yemeni army on its part, distributed leaflets all over Sa'ada calling the blockaded rebels, to surrender to the army and the tribal chiefs and members of parliament. Guarantees were given for those who will surrender to return home to their families without any punishments, according to the contents of the leaflets.

On December 17th, the army said warplanes implemented raids on the house of Kasem Mahdi Al Hafad in Wadi Al Hebal, Sakain district, where Abdul Malik and a number of rebels were staying. The army, at the time, said Abdul Malik was serious injured. Al Houthi office denied the news as untrue. But, Abdul Malik, was disappeared from that time.

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