Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Special operations against Al Houthi rebels continue

By Nasser Arrabyee/17/12/2009

Two Al Houthi rebels blew themselves up to break one-week long blockade being imposed on less than 40 rebels barricaded in mosques of the old city of Sa'ada, military and independent sources said Thursday.

No soldier was harmed by the suicide bombing which came after armed vehicles entered the old city destroying the wall of the city from the northwestern direction by a tractor, the sources said.

More than seven rebels were killed when tanks fired at them at their barricade in a mosque in the old city, the sources added.

The army implemented the storming operation against about 300 rebels after about two months of blockading. Dozens were killed and about 200 hundred were surrendered or arrested.

The army focused recently on special operations by air raids and artillery against assemblies and supply movements of the Al Houthi rebels.

According to a statement by the ministry of defense, two cars laden with weapons and two weapons stores were destroyed in Al Mahthar and Al Mashtal areas. Many rebels were killed and injured in those operations including the field leaders Mutafa Shamoos and Abdul Salam Salman.

Five hideouts were destroyed in Haidan, and the the areas around the city of Sa'ada including the hideouts of the field leaders Saleh Al Sumat and Fayez Al Qershi.

The 9-year old girl, Abeer Mohammed Al Harazi was killed when Al Houthi rebels fired at soldiers in the areas around Sa'ada city, local source in Sa'ada city.

The rebels also killed Zarkria Saleh Al Mahthari when he refused to stop his car for the rebels.

On their part, Al Houthi rebels continued their accusations that US warplanes were bombing all the time during Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, and Monday. Both Yemen and US denied these allegations.

In their last statement sent Thursday through emails, the rebels said US warplanes struck Al Kharebah area in the north of Sa'ada destroying a house and killing 7 people inside.

Observers excluded any direct American involvement in the war against Al Houthi saying the aim of the Al Houthi accusations is only to gain sympathy and support.

The political analyst Fares Al Saqaf, said the accusations are untrue and Al Houthi wants only gain the sympathy of Shiite in the other countries, and also he wants raise the morale of his fighters that they are fighting three big States.

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