Sunday, 6 December 2009

Are Al Houthi rebels drawing the last breath?

By Nasser Arrabyee/06/12/2009

Al Houthi rebels killed the 11-year old Bashar Ahmed Ali Al Rawdi because his father did not agree to join them for fighting with them against the troops, tribal and military sources said Sunday.

The child Al Rawdi was kidnapped first to press on the father to open his house as position for the rebels in Al Okab near the city of Sa'ada, the sources said.
At least two of Al Houthi fugitive rebels were killed and several others were injured and arrested in Sha'ab Al Sama'a in Khab area of Al Jawf where local tribesmen blockaded them for two days, said sources from the same area Sunday.

Earlier in the week, more than 50 rebels had escaped from Sa'ada to Sha'ab Al Sama'a north east of Sa'ada, close to Saudi province of Najran, where they claimed to open a new front against the Saudi forces.

Early morning Sunday the rebels escaped again to an unknown area outside the province of Al Jawf after the tribesmen of Dahm in Al Jawf with support from the government troops closed in on them killing at least two and arrested about five, said the sources who are close to the tribesmen.

The tribesmen also seized two cars and weapons and ammunitions belonging to rebels, the sources added.

Meanwhile, the ministry of defense said in a statement Sunday that one of the most dangerous leaders of the rebels in Harf Syfyan was killed in a special operation implemented by highly trained Special Forces who focus nowadays on the leaders of the rebels.

The dead body of the leader, identified as Abdullah Tawk, was transported to Al Kareb area in Harf Sufyan, the statement said.

The statement said the army intensified the blockade on the rebels from all directions in the three main frontlines: Harf Sufyan, the areas around the Sa'ada city, and Al Malahaid far west of Sa'ada near the border with Saudi Arabia.

Observers see that the war is about to finish given the escape in groups of the rebels to the neighboring province of Al Jawf, and the groups that surrender themselves to the army through tribal chiefs including prominent leaders, and the increasing number of leaders being killed over the in special operations.

Al Houthi rebels, on their part, said they killed seven soldiers in their suicide and repeated attacks on the city of Sa'ada, which is surrounded by huge forces.

They said in a statement sent through emails Sunday that they are still determined to control the city of Sa'ada, "very soon".

The rebels also threatened to open new fronts from different places to fight the Saudi forces. Sha'ab Al Sama'a in Khab area in Al Jawf was one of these places which the rebels wanted to use for fighting the Saudi forces, but without success.

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