Saturday, 10 July 2010

10 Al Qaeda suspects arrested in Yemen

By Nasser Arrabyee/11/07/2010

A total of 10 Al Qaeda suspects including a Saudi man were arrested were arrested in the Yemeni eastern province of Mukalla where they were planning to carry out terrorist acts, said the Yemeni defense ministry ‘s website on Sunday.

The Saudi who was arrested was identified as Abdullah Faraj Mohammed (Abu Ibrahim), and he was wanted by both Yemeni and Saudi authorities.

Two of them were arrested last Monday when the Yemeni security forces stormed a hideout of Al Qaeda in Fuh area west of Mukalla city.

A total of 8 more Al Qaeda suspects were arrested in the hunt operations which followed the Monday’s raid in which two soldiers were killed and three others were wounded when Al Qaeda group threw bombs and escaped.

These 8 men escaped to an area in Hudhrmout called Wadi Al Mutadhririn where they were arrested, the defense ministry said.

Earlier, the ministry of interior said the security forces found an explosive belt and important documents that helped the security to know more about the plans and activities of the group.
The ministry expected to foil more terrorist plans and arrest more Al Qaeda militants according to the documents found in that hideout.

The cell was supposed to use the explosive belt on Tuesday July 6th, 2010, to carry out a suicide bombing against security installations, said the ministry.

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