Saturday, 31 July 2010

Al Qaeda was successful in the last attacks, expert

By Nasser Arrabyee, 31/07/2010
Al Qaeda was successful in its recent two attacks on security offices in southern Yemen where dozens were killed and injured, said Al Qaeda expert on Saturday.
“For sure Al Qaeda succeeded in the attacks in Aden and Zinjubar on the security offices in comparison with all its failed attacks in the past,” said Saeed Obaid Al Jimhi, chairman of a Yemeni think-tank on Al Qaeda affairs.
Commenting on a statement issued Thursday and attributed to Yemen-based Al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), Al Jimhi said it was a part of media war being launched by Al Qaeda.
On Thursday Al Qaeda said it would form an army of 12,000 soldiers and launch more attacks.

“Al Qaeda failed to strike western targets since after USS Cole bombing with the exceptions of the tourists, so now with this statement it wants to invest its success,” he said.

For the point of the statement in which Al Qaeda said it would form an army of 12,000 soldiers, Al Jimhi, said, “It wanted to have a religious legitimacy by using this Hadith, and the same time it wanted to tell the other Jihadi groups to join it.”
The Prophet Mohammed was reported to have said in a Hadith that an army of 12,000 soldiers will come out from Aden and Abyan in southern Yemen.

Al Jimhi expected more attacks in the future.
“I expect more attacks because they are getting more and more there in Shabwa and Abyan because of the absence of successful treatments and and because of the mistakes of the government in its war against them,” said Al Jimhi, the author of the book Al Qaeda in Yemen.

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