Saturday, 31 July 2010

12 soldiers killed, 55 injured, 228 kidnapped, by Al Houthi rebels

By Nasser Arrabyee, 31/07/2010

Al Houthi rebels killed 12 soldiers and injured 55 others and kidnapped 228 in the last violation of cease-fire over the last few days, said the Yemen’s supreme security committee in a statement on Saturday.

The statement accused the rebels of committing many more violations since the cease-fire was announced last February.

“The last attack was the two month-long blockade on Al Zala’a post in which 12 soldiers were killed and 55 others injured, and 228 were kidnapped from the troops deployed there and tribal supporters of sheikh Sagheer bin Azeez, member of parliament,” said the statement.

The supreme security committee held responsible the rebels and those behind them for the results of the violations and dangerous crimes being committed by them every day.
“ So many people were killed and injured and kidnapped, roads were blocked, houses of citizens were destroyed and properties were plundered,” said the statement.

“What the rebels do in the ground prove that they do not tend to peace but rather they want to implement their dark projects which are known to the great Yemeni people.”

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